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tion of Rehabilitation for Children with Autism, an NGO co▓mprised of experts from the Peking University Sixth Hospital and parents of children with autism.▓Zhou joined after her son, Duo Duo, w

OCT 29, 2024

as diagnosed ▓in 1998.She met Li Mu, a Tsinghua University Ac

OCT 28, 2024

ademy of Arts and Design professor and the father of a child with autism,

OCT 27, 2024

through the group.Li's son would scribble with a brush whenever his fa▓ther painted

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on a canvas.He realized children with autism could communicate through art in ways th▓ey couldn't otherwise.They're someti▓mes nonverbal and live in their own worlds. But they can paint whatever ▓they want without even considering the benefits, he realized."This may provide insight into art's essence,

" Li believes."Society should give them m▓ore opportunities to be understood."Li and Zhou▓ founded an annual art exhibition with the associat▓ion to display works by people with autism in 2008 to promote awareness.Zhou says greater publicity would help them sell artworks and related products."We then could have enough mon▓ey to cover expenses and reward the painters,▓" she says.Sheltered employmentA bakery on the studio▓'s second floor

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teaches adults with autism how to make pastries for free.Zhou says t▓hey plan to turn the bakery into a sheltered workshop that not only ensures incomes ▓for people with autism but also protects▓ them from the outside world."Th

ey're like people who never ▓grow up and don't know social conventions," Zhou says."They feel safe in their comfort zones a▓nd adhere to strict routines. That's▓ why we want to shelter them."The bakers went to Beijing's Grand Summit to sell cookies and products printed with paintings every week, with assista

nce from full-time teachers and volunteers."We encoura▓ge them to work within their capabilities, enabling them to earn money in a respectable way," sa▓ys Guo Ying, a full-ti

's affiliated with t
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